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Juicy Crockpot Chicken Thighs Recipe

Whenever chicken is on sale at our local market I try to stock up. This juicy crockpot chicken thighs recipe is cost-effective to make when you have them frozen in the freezer waiting to be used. Even if they aren’t on sale, they are normally reasonably priced and taste wonderful in this recipe. What Ingredients …

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Mexican Chicken Recipe in a Slow Cooker

When you are looking for a versatile recipe that will make more than just one dish, this Mexican Chicken Recipe will do just that. With this recipe, you can use it in a Mexican Tortilla soup, Chicken Taco Salad Bowl, or even atop of your favorite Mexican rice. The whole family will enjoy this Mexican …

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Crockpot Roasted Chicken Recipe

What is better than a Roasted Chicken Recipe? Nothing! This is the perfectly seasoned moist and delicious chicken recipe for your weekend dinners. Loaded with sage and paprika, this chicken is accompanied by vegetables and potatoes to create a one-pot meal that is ideal for Sunday lunch with the family. Roasted Chicken Recipe Gathering together …

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